How To Be “in the flow” With God’s Will. (or, Would God fulfil our fantasies?) By Timothy Baugh.

In asking this question I am NOT referring to “sexual” fantasies; although some in history ‘believed’ that God DID DO ‘just that’! No, what I am referring to specifically is, Does God seek to fulfil our wishful imaginings towards a better or more pleasant future? Does God meet our ‘wants’ as well as our ‘needs’ to “gratify” and “keep us happy”? And, When is it that God “allows/permits” our inclinations to teach us Life Lessons, and when is it really just Satan ‘tripping us up’, so to speak? Ahh, excellent questions indeed! I think that daydreams and fantasies are fun in themselves. They sometimes help us escape a otherwise dull and uneventful life at times. Whether they originate in our deepest, heartfelt longings, or our emotions ‘run wild’; they tell us about ourselves, all the same. We all desire a better, more beneficial and productive life. Our current life is seldom ‘ideal’, and yes, Satan is well aware of that. Self- indulgence and self- gratification are vain in themselves if the fulfilment we seek is only short-lived. God means to keep us PERMANENTLY HAPPY, not just TEMPORARILY! So, daydreams and fantasies fall far short of the mark here. God, believe it or not, MAY ‘allow/permit’ evil inclinations to fulfil His Purpose and Plan. But… He doesn’t “need” to. We, not God, determine how we choose to ‘define’ the experience. It will contain a Life Lesson regardless of whether we are ‘aware‘ of such or not! Satan will trip us up when we believe our wills and purposes are “in line” with God and His Way. We are Human, whereas He IS DIVINE! Divine Intervention IS possible. It just isn’t always ‘plausible‘ that God needs to “justify” His actions according to our own standards. Hopefully, now you can see how to be “in the flow” with God’s Will and His Divine Providence. Amen.

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