How Jesus Has ‘PROVEN’ That He ‘IS’ King Of Kings and Lord Of Lords. By Timothy Baugh.

And Pilate wrote a notice (a sign, as a declaration to be publicly seen and acknowledged) and had it fastened to the top of the cross. It ran thus: JESUS THE NAZARENE, THE KING OF THE JEWS.” John 19:19. (The New Testament In Modern Speech- Weymouth Edition-with my own insights added.)       Whereas it seems here that the Gospel of John is John’s own version of this account… yet so much more is actually being said by the Holy Spirit of God. Consider these points: 1. Yes it could just be the opinion of one man, Pilate. But he intentionally made himself an enemy of Caesar (Rome) by doing such an act. Was his hand Divinely guided? 2. This was not recent knowledge! Jesus was saying from the very start of His public ministry that he was the King of the Kingdom of God. 3. Jesus could have been “instantaneously” stopped, tried, and executed then. Did not God intend for this message to be preached? 4. One who is actually a king makes both announcements and commands. From the very start of his public ministry Jesus did do just that! How much clearer can you get! 5. Jesus proved His authority again and again even though He knew that such would get Him killed. 6. Historically, you may be able to deny the facts; but that such “historical people” actually existed is undeniable. Too much of history actually collaborates, not only of actual people having lived, but of actual events, and places having existed. 7. When a king has begun to take his rule, his very first job is to announce what, from his throne, he intends to do upon his coronation. Likewise, when Jesus as “King of the Jews” was announced to the then known world at that time; His very first words from the cross were, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Oh, the Wisdom and Power of God that He cared to do that! 

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