The Gospel (Good News Proclamation) Is For ALL! You Too Are Called To Respond.

“The Spirit (of God) and the Bride (all of God’s Children by their adoption into His family) say, “Come”; and whoever hears, (of such) let him say, “Come”; and let those who are thirsty (thirsting for the Truth) come. WHOEVER WILL, let him take the Water of Life, without payment.” Revelation 22:17. (The New Testament In Modern Speech- Weymouth Edition- with my own insights added.)       THIS “GOOD NEWS PROCLAMATION” IS FOR ‘EVERYONE’! EVERYONE!!! (Agnostics, Alcoholics, Atheists, Bigots, Buddhists, Blasphemers, Catholics, Crazy, Cultists, Demonic, Drug Abusers, Evil, Gnostic, Heathen, Hindus, Immoral, Jews, Jehovah Witnesses, Kinky, Liars, Mormons, Nonconformists, Opportunists, Pagans, Prostitutes, Queers, Racists, Satanists, Truck Drivers, Unitarians, Vegans, Wiccans and Witches, X generationers, Yucky people, and Zoroastrians. (Do you now see it?) are welcome here to hear the Good News. Will you be one to listen and accept it for your self? 

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