Devotional YouVersion day 5 of 5

Communication, Sex, and Money 

Relationship experts say that communication, sex, and money are the three greatest areas of struggle in most relationships. But, like a tripod with missing legs, many people think that sex and money are outside their heavenly Father’s purview. The Bible says more about sex and money than most other subjects. 

You have heard it said, “What you do not know won’t hurt you.” Hosea 4:6 states, “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” The truth is, what you do not know is destroying you. 

No one can be expected to know more about a product than the manufacturer. If things are not working for you in your life, it is probably because you are not following the manufacturer’s instruction manual. This Sunday around eleven o’clock in the morning, pull yourself into a shop and let a manufacturer’s authorized dealer look under the hood. Remember, as with most products, if you do not use an authorized agent, it will void the warranty. Get your oil change and let them replace your filters and fill you up with the fuel you need to be successful in life. 

What areas of your life have you mistakenly considered outside your heavenly Father’s purview?


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8 thoughts on “Devotional YouVersion day 5 of 5

  1. here use thisGods Cities Be Blessed Uncategorized June 11, 2019 1 Minute
    May the Mountains, next to Beautiful Hagerstown Maryland sway.

    Because the Great Lord is always watching over Us here.

    As also the Great city of Muscatine Iowa become very Blessed.

    May the Beautiful city of Davenport Iowa people get Healed.

    May the Beautiful city, of Frederick Maryland feel His Loved.

    As the Good Lord watches over this Beautiful city that I am in.

    May His Blessings fill the Homeless people everywhere too.

    With plenty enough to eat everyday and with clothing to wear.

    May He hold the Orphans , Brokenhearted, and Poor also.

    May He Blesses the poor where they are richer than the rich.

    With People providing for their needs and a place to Live too.

    May He protect His People from their enemies that surrounds them.

    May God alone be seek by all of the Earth Nations everywhere to Praise Him.

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