To All The Dear Friends Who Would Read And “like” My Posts. Timothy Baugh.

My dear friends, (I don’t say ‘that’ “lightly”.) after my routine “Follow Up” Doctor’s visit; she, my Primary Care Physician, announced to me two disturbing findings as a result of my most recent blood work. One (which she has mentioned previously) is that the medications I have taken for some time to treat my immune system have had the unfortunate side effect of causing what she states is “Stage Three Kidney Disease”. This naturally came as a terrific shock, since my former Roommate had just died of Kidney failure approximately 4 years ago along with my mother, 6 months apart. I currently live in the home he gave to me in a Special Needs Trust, completely alone, with my dog. (but, enough of that.) My second disturbing finding was how my Liver needs to have an Ultrasound because of “elevated Transaminase measurement”. Essentially, this “measurement” determines how well the Liver is functioning.   I tell you these things, not so as to alarm you, nor to elicit any pity from you; (none of you really know me) but only to ask for your prayers. ‘That much’, of the small concern of others, means a lot for me. Yes, I know, EVERYTHING of my life is TOTALLY SURRENDERED to God. It HAS TO BE. We ALL HAVE NO LIFE WITHOUT HIM!   I am not fearful or worried as much as unable to meet most of Life’s challenges. (Aren’t we all?) Like a little child, I panic about everything. The “real” status of my health, happiness in Life, and well-being rests in God’s Hands. It truly is, “In His control”. Many a time I have said to myself in the words of one of my favorite songs, “And Life is worth the living, ‘just because’ He Lives.” Please, if only if you would care to, would you pray for me? And let’s not worry. It will all be well. Timothy 

10 thoughts on “To All The Dear Friends Who Would Read And “like” My Posts. Timothy Baugh.

        1. Thank you my dear Sister in Christ, The Lord Jesus has told me that He will help me through this. He Alone is my health, my life, my all. He has told me, “Be not afraid!” I believe Him, and so trust completely in Him. It will all be well. I will keep you updated. I must get dressed and eat. Later. LOVE YOU TOO!Timothy


  1. Hello Timothy, I’ll like for you to always remember that God’s thoughts towards you are of peace and of evil to give you an desired end. He causes you to prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers. His healing power flows through your body and make you whole again. God cares about your wholeness.

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    1. Thank you! You are so kind. The Lord Jesus has revealed how this, in part, is due to Satan’s, “the Enemy’s” intense hatred of me. He wishes to see me destroyed. God IS MY LIFE, MY ALL! Nothing and No one can defeat that! He keeps me in Him. Timothy

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