Seeking God’s Wisdom

Big Sky Buckeye

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The text used for this poem is based upon Proverbs Chapter 10, with the 10th verse taking center stage:  “The wise lay up knowledge, but the babbling of a fool brings ruin.”

Seek God’s wisdom

His words bring wealth


A benevolent father

Welcomes a wise child


Virtue always delivers

Never going hungry


The judicious of heart

Follow the Commandments


Always walk in integrity

Makes for a secure life


Boldly call out trouble

Brings peace to life


Use righteous words

Build a fountain of life


Hate stirs up trouble

Love heals our offenses


Crave absorbing wisdom

Ignore a blathering fool


Lead a honorable life

Shun sinful behaviors


Be prudent when speaking

Use a blameless tongue


Seek the Lord’s blessings

Come in reverent prayer


Follow our heavenly Father

His stronghold protects us



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