The Enlightened Frog (a Copyrighted poem.) By Timothy Baugh.

Disclaimer: I am not endorsing a method of meditation or yoga here. Nor am I stating any support for the philosophy/religion of Buddhism. I am only using the term “enlightenment” as a epiphany, or a sudden revelation of a great truth.       I wish to tell my story; for every word is true, It may read like a ‘fairy tale’; yet herein is its clue. So read it very slowly; this “parable” of sorts, And may the truth awake you to better things than warts!  I once lived like a prince; they called it “Millionaires Row”, Among the “Orange Grove Circle”, and roses we would sow. Until the day my luck turned bad; a twist of fate for me… a death, a stroke, a bankruptcy, and things one can’t foresee. A witch of a person took me prisoner: then changed me to a frog, And cast me in a desert; alone in a hazy smog.  Yet, ’twas here I found “enlightenment”, much like the Buddha of yore. Until that day I would lament: “My life is such a bore!”  You see, just like a “fish of the sea”; there are trials ahead in Life for me. Yet now I know it, all too well, with every turn, for who can tell. It just may be, I swim more aware, than that “fish of the pond” who lives without care. So does Life correspond.   Moral: We need to strive to get to where we want to go, instead of going from where we want to get!  “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” Hebrews 11:1. (New International Version.) 

6 thoughts on “The Enlightened Frog (a Copyrighted poem.) By Timothy Baugh.

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