Some thoughts on God. June 18, 2019.

Walking on the narrow path. The works of Timothy Baugh. (

Is it possible that just ‘maybe’ we are looking at God all wrong? Consider… If God could ‘conceive’ of both Male and Female gender as “expressions” of the Image and Likeness of God; then who ‘defined’ whom? Our Genesis account states that Adam NOT God ‘defined’ the creature that came from himself! No doubt with the “consciousness” that God had given to him; but the TITLE: “Woman” which literally means, ‘from the womb of Man’ was ‘Adam’s’ “coined” terminology, so to speak.   What am I getting at here? Could it be that “the Creation”, was ALL subject to the “created couple’s” APPROVAL? THEY ACTUALLY WEREN’T JUST “THE CREATED”; THEY WERE HAVING THEIR “SAY SO” ABOUT EVERYTHING CONCERNING IT? Ahh, now it gets very interesting indeed!   There was no “concept” of a King or Queen at “the Beginning”. HOWEVER, Weren’t they the “rulers” of EVERYTHING? or was it ‘GOD’…

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All In This Life Is Only “Relative”; Until We Come To ‘KNOW’ Of The “Absolute” That Is God. (A somewhat long read.) By Timothy Baugh. (Visit at:

“He (God) hath (has) made every thing beautiful (adequately and measurably full of His glory) in his (God’s) time:(moment of occurrance. He Alone is Master, NOT Time!) also he hath (has) set the world (eternity) in their (its) heart, so that no man (nobody) can find out (comprehend, discover) the work (means of opperation) that God maketh (does) from the beginning (of Creation) to the end.” (conclusion of everything.) Ecclesiastes 3:11. (King James Version- with my own insights added.)     There are many things of this Life that humanity can not, nor EVER COULD comprehend. Science claims we have “only” five {Physical} ‘senses’. They do not even try to consider that which they feel they cannot “prove”. But, I will tell you, the Truth of Existence. God, we well know, “Created” Mankind as a composite of Spirit, (Life) Soul (Consciousness within a bodily form that gives us identity), and Body. This can all be verified by reading of such in the Bible. But our limited understanding says “only” five, and “five alone”. What if IN ACTUALITY there are TWELVE “senses” and many “multiple” dimensions to Life? Is this just my conjecture? Consider the meaning of the word SENSE. It is, A PERCEPTION, REALIZATION, OR DISCERNMENT. Hence it is most closely linked to our Conscious Awareness. Our minds, (intermediate spiritual sense) is number One. Our wills, (spiritual sense) is number Two. Our eyes (physical sense) is number Three. Our nose, or “sense of smell”, a discriminating factor, (physical sense) is number Four. Our mouth, or “sense of taste” (both a physical/spiritual factor) is number Five. Our ears, or “sense of hearing” (physical sense) is number Six. Our hearts, or “sense of affections” (spiritual sense) is number Seven. Our spirits, or “sense of aliveness” (spiritual sense) is number Eight. Our innermost personal emotional expression, or “auras” (spiritual sense) is number Nine. Our deepest “sense of Being”, or soul/heart consciousness (spiritual sense) is number Ten. Our souls, or our “sense of identity/personhood” is number Eleven. And, our Sex, or “sense of Gender Expression” is number Twelve. Hence, as I said, “Knowing of God” provides us with a certainty, by our CONVICTION AND FAITH, of the ‘ABSOLUTENESS’ of all we trust to be true. Everything else then, is judged by that standard wherein all else is only “relative”.