How Apart From The “Love”, “Life”, And “Light Of God”; We Can Do Nothing. (A somewhat long read.) By Timothy Baugh. (Visit at:

“Anyone (Whosoever you may be) who does not love (show any kind of care, compassion, or concern) does not know (possibly comprehend or understand the ‘meaning’ or ‘nature’ of) God, because God (however you choose to define such) is love.” (is “Love Expressed”.) 1 John 4:8.   “In him (Jesus of  Nazareth. The Messiah/Christ) was (STILL IS) life, and the life (that which dwelt within Him) was (STILL IS) the light (the energy, power, or source) of men.” (humanity). John 1:4. (English Standard Version- with my own emphasis and insights added.)   “That (Jesus) was (STILL IS) the true (very) Light, (Glory of God) which lights (brings the Glory of God to) EVERY man (and woman) that comes into the world.” John 1:9 (King James Version- with my own emphasis and insights added.)   “without me (Jesus) ye can do nothing.” John 15:5. (King James Version.)       Apparently, apart from Moses, Jesus of Nazareth was the only man in all of history who could “prove” the ‘existence’ of God! And if He couldn’t ‘explain’, or at least ‘demonstrate’, the “Power of God” to those of His own time and culture then; He would have found it like, if not MORE DIFFICULT, to explain/demonstrate today!   What could He possibly have meant when he said to his Apostles, “… without me ye can do NOTHING.” Certainly, such an audacious statement would make anyone say, “WHAT?”   I think Jesus MEANT “JUST THAT”! If he was and IS all of who he claimed to be; then “literally” what he was saying was, “I am your source of “Consciousness Itself!” Again, WHAT??? But, before you think I have no basis to ‘even suggest’ such; consider… Jesus said to Phillip in the previous (John, Chapter 14:9) mention of the same incident, “Jesus said to him, “Have I been with you so long, and you still do not know me, Phillip? Whoever (not just the Apostles) has seen me HAS SEEN (Has come to “comprehend”, “grasp”, or even vaguely “understand”) the Father. (the One Jesus recognized ‘AS’ GOD). How can you say, ‘Show (demonstrate for us) the Father’?” Jesus in asking of this question states, “Haven’t I already made it possible for you to even vaguely comprehend who “the Father” is?” Truly, without Him (GOD) we can do NOTHING! Amen.   

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