The Lord who heals you YouVersion Devotional


Mark 10:52  Then Jesus said to him, “Go your way; your faith has made you well”..

The story of Bartimaeus reveals three things that he did before receiving healing.

Firstly, he saw Jesus for who He was, the ‘Son of David’, the expected Messiah, and honoured Him, before he sought Him for what he wanted. There is great power released when we receive revelation of who Jesus is and Bartimaeus saw Jesus better than most people who had their eyesight. See Jesus is the Healer and see what He has done for you.

Then, having seen God, Bartimaeus appealed to Gods character before His provision- God is merciful, good, kind, love, full of compassion, faithful and true to His word, never turning anyone away. Change any perceptions you may have that would see God as harsh, judgemental or withholding. It matters how you see God- how you see Him is how you receive from Him, because it’s in response to our expectation that we receive. There is no limitation from God’s side in what He has already given us in Jesus- all limitation comes from our expectation. 

Thirdly Bartimaeus was already in faith before he asked for healing. As Bartimaeus cried out, those around him shouted him down but when the pressure came for him to shrink back, he cried out all the more in faith- and when Bartimaeus called, God stopped. He drew near to God and God drew near to him. It wasn’t a passive thing but Bartimaeus actively sought God.

Bartimaeus made an amazing step of faith as he threw away his garment before he asked for his healing. That garment defined him as a beggar and allowed him to beg and earn a living but he was already declaring that he was no longer going to be defined by his affliction but he could see his healing. 

Bartimaeus believed before he received; having seen the Healer, he saw himself as a healed man. Jesus said his faith had made him well. 

Come to God in praise and acknowledgement of who He is, choose to believe His word to you, judging Him to be faithful. Articulate to God what it is you want Him to do for you and then, decide to receive your answer in faith before you see it.

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