Our Universe Is In The Process Of Transformation; Our Life Is What Our Thoughts Make It. By Timothy Baugh.(Visit at: https://thesurrenderedone.wordpress.com/

“As a man thinks in his heart; so is he.”  Proverbs 23:7       It is awesome, the power we each wield in life that unfolds before us. The inclination of our thoughts invites that which we encounter, which is that which we expect to find. What we can become or experience is limited only by our imagination. Our dreams shine like beacons in the dimness of our minds.  Just as our thoughts can nurture positive experiences and outcomes, negative episodes might be drawn to us, too. We can be sure, though, that we use this individual power to create the flavor of each day as it’s met.   Our attitude is the by-product of our thoughts. It is in our attitude that we discover strength or weakness, hope or anxiety, determination or frustration. Alone, (yet with God’s help) we determine (whether we DO “choose” God’s help or not) whether our attitude will be loving or tainted by our own thoughts and feelings about ourselves. Yes, the breadth of personal power is awesome. Yet today, this very moment in time, will be what we choose to make it. No more and no less. No, we can not determine the exact outcome of most things. Yet, we can determine to completely trust all outcomes to God.  And to know, that the direction that our thoughts and feelings are leading us into will either ultimately help, or hinder us in Life. May God grant us the eyes to “see” just what we are actually doing to ourselves at times. And may He grant us the wisdom and courage to face all adversity and challenges that come our way; with the faith, confidence, and conviction that He will “see us through” and “make a way where there seems to be no way. Jesus Christ IS OUR HELPER! Thank God for that!

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