God Is Perfect. But Some Would Argue There Is Need For Improvement! By Timothy Baugh.

“Be ye perfect, (completely and totally without error or fault) even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” Matthew 5: 48. (King James Version- with my own insight added.)       God does not exist in a vacuum! That is, He is “progressively becoming” more of all He is. He is constantly “proving” to ALL His Creation that He is totally without error or fault. (I use the pronoun “He”, but God is not limited in expression).   Mankind today looks at Life and this world about us and declares, “God could have done better!” What an arrogant statement that is! Yet, Man was not the very “First” to think this way. However we may be tempted to think; how would we KNOW anyway? What would “better” BE but ‘Satan’s Alternative Reality’!  When we humans think we could “out-do” God in performance or execution of anything; then have we become as Satan.   The Scriptures declare the “Changeless Character” of God. They also state that God can “repent” or “change His mind/way of thinking”. For God to show Grace or Mercy is still part of His “Changeless Character”. He doesn’t become “less of” Divine because of such. You may have at one time or another been angry at God. You may have “blamed” God (as Adam and Eve) for your own inability to comprehend your OWN “error in judgement”. Still, like any truly loving Parent, God will patiently wait till you can acknowledge, if possible, your mistake. God is willing for you to change YOUR CHARACTER. HE DOESN’T NEED TO! Nor does He “hide the truth” or “lie to us” in order to accomplish His Will. He is the Beginning and the end. The “Amen” (or, “So be it”) of all. Do we question the “appropriateness” of all His “roles” and “titles”? Should we question OUR HEAVENLY PARENT? May God prove true and every Man a liar. Amen.  

It was so nice, breeze caressing the top of the pool where I had my swim today. Is now turned as it happened a lot in the summer in south Florida, is cloudy and wet and as I look outside all is the color of dusk before dusk.

Life is beautiful anyway.

I feel blessed in God’ s Nature as I am getting ready for meeting, Church and group in this order.

They air has cooked down a bit and outside the rain has taken away, strange most of the humidity of summer. Well, I am going now.

Talk to you, maybe from the car. 💟😘💖🤭



Child of God.