8 thoughts on “VERSE OF THE DAY

  1. Dear Pat (Child of God), My Sister in Christ… when my heart was recently “opened” by the Holy Spirit; I wept for you and how “the Enemy” tries so hard to crush your spirit! GOD ALONE is your strength and power! You face each moment with Jesus. Recently “the Enemy” tried to “frighten” me. (he has ‘various’ ways). We (Jesus and I) tossed and flushed him in the toilet where he belongs! (Pardon the specifics). I thought, when I saw a sketching of a graveyard scene I happened to come across by chance at the Senior Center; that Sherrie (the girl I previously mentioned about with the Pentagram) had purposely left it for me to find. I later dismissed it all together; but NOW am I ever diligent in spirit to “the Enemy’s” attacks! I pray for you and your family daily. NEVER GIVE UP OR GIVE IN! God bless you! Timothy

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    1. Dear Timothy you have heart of gold. I appreciate you more then you know. The enemy always attacks those that are close the Lord but, eventually the attacks are more rare then ever before.i am sorry beside your ex, I forgot who ymthe other lady and forgot her place e in your life I do not recall how much I shated but, unfortunately I e don’t know

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    2. Is it ok if I finish sharing when I am on the laptop? I have no idea how much I shared with you all. Stay strong in the Lord. He has never abandoned me, ever. I m writing what I hope will be a book someday to give hope to women and girls especially those mentally ill . Forgive my spelling. Hugs in the Lord
      Child of God

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