Goodnight M.A.E

My dear Blogger friend, I am getting ready to sleep soon, I hope, lol and just wanted to ask for prayers. The ” enemy’s attacks last night was horrible.

I become sick with my bipolar depress episode like I had not had in many months.

The depression turned into a terrible anger and I lost sight of the Lord.

My husband has been growing spiritually at a fast speed and instead of making things worse he patiently and lovingly waited and praised for me to come back to reality.

If you have 3 mental illnesses as I do, I cannot be away from the Word of God. I have been almost resenting God. It was horrible. God’s Grace is always so beautiful. I was angry at myself last night because i could not find a way to reconnect to the Lord but, after a couple of hours He came through as He always does. I need prayers for protection against the enemy. I am in ways, getting closer to God but, in the other hand am fighting the ugly evil loser, satan. I am again all together. Saturday I was asked to help on Saturday after altar call to talk and pray for new born again Christians. The enemy hates it.

I have a strong faith in my Savior’s love. I suffered and worse I hurt my husband with mean words like never before or at least for a ling time. I live Jesus helping Toby to grow and last night I saw the husband God has given to me with in his heart true love.

Thank you for reading this.

God bless you all


Pat, child of God.

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