How We Can Discern The Difference Between “Spiritual” Charity and “Material” Charity When Viewed From Mankind’s Perspective. By Timothy Baugh. July 20, 2019.

“Jesus answered and said unto the disciples, (that had pity on the poor and felt compelled to help them out of ‘religious duty’) Give them to eat. (Give of ‘yourselves’, to them first of your “spiritual” vibrations of charity/goodwill/love. Don’t act out of “religious” obligation!) And they said, Shall we go and bring (Shall we meet the need by our own efforts and resources?) two hundred pennies worth of bread and give them to eat? (This proves that they only understood, according to their religion, the “material” charity/goodwill/love and not the “spiritual” charity Jesus came to give.) And Jesus said unto His disciples, How many loaves have you? (What are you willing to provide? He meant, how much “spiritual” sacrifice have you in your hearts?) Go and see. (Go within and find out your heart’s love, whether it is more for the “material” charity, like the religious, or for the “spiritual” charity?) They found out that there were five loaves and two fish. (Which are representative of their five physical senses that were all for the “material means” or literal giving, and two mental ideas only for encouragement of their “gift”, but not LOVE for their soul development.) Mark 6:37-38. (Commentary and insights).       Jesus could tell that the need of the Jews of His day was NOT religion or any sense of “pretended” piety. LOVE had become distorted and adulterated to the point that no one understood how to really care for their neighbor. Was it REALLY “Religion” Jesus came to reveal to us? Many a Christian today believes this. Wasn’t it REALLY that, AS FAMILY, of whom GOD IS OUR PARENT, we can drop all the “dissimilarities” and unite TOGETHER AS ONE, IN LOVE… IN GOD?        LORD, Oh how far we have taken it upon ourselves to “redefine” the ‘mission’ of Jesus, the Messiah/Christ! Let us stop our divisions, Father! Let us stop the “religious” pretenses! Let us be united once again as “Family” in LOVE. In the name of Your Beloved Son, Jesus we pray. Amen.   

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