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My dear Blogger friends. These last few days have been hard on my body and I was unable to post all I wanted to post. I thank all that stopped and like and for those that did not I hope I will post something interesting for you as well. Goodnight and a god day to all the rest of you in difference time zones. God bless you all ,


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How is your soul? YouVersion Devotional

When Is My Soul Home?

I have three small children. Unfortunately, multitasking is not my strong suit, especially when the multiple “tasks” happen to be high-energy, highly mobile humanoids. I tend to lose track of them. That’s why in our family, one of my main jobs is to make sure our kids enjoy their childhood, while Chelsea’s is to make sure they actually survive it.

Awhile back, however, Chelsea contracted a virus that affected her energy level dramatically for several months. She wasn’t able to do all the kid-related things she is so good at (and that I am so good at avoiding). That meant I had to gingerly, awkwardly, and amateurishly do some stuff I wasn’t used to doing. You know, like laundry. And dishes. And cleaning up the bodily excretions children randomly produce.

Full disclosure: grandparents, friends, nannies, babysitters, and little old ladies who didn’t know me but saw me struggling in grocery stores also helped. A lot. But let it be known, I went way out of my comfort zone. And I actually found myself getting comfortable with things I would previously have done anything to avoid.

Somehow I sense that most of you are unimpressed. Don’t judge me—we all have our weaknesses. Mine just happen to be wimpier than yours.

Here’s my point: we naturally avoid uncomfortable, unfamiliar, or awkward situations. But just because something doesn’t come easily for us doesn’t mean we should avoid it.

When it comes to evaluating our souls, I find that a lot of people get uncomfortable. They feel awkward and anxious when faced with authentic introspection. Opening up to themselves or others about what is out of alignment on the inside can sound terrifying. So they avoid soul-searching at any cost—like me with household chores.

How about you? When was the last time you looked at the state of your soul? How comfortable are you with asking thoughtful, revealing questions about the health of your inner self?

God wants to give us peace, stability, joy, and hope beyond what we could imagine. For that to take place, we have to get comfortable with awkward questions. Questions about our feelings, our thoughts, our fears, our motives, and our needs. Questions that are hard to answer not just because the answers are elusive, but because the answers are embarrassing. Questions that reveal what is hurting us and hindering us, even if might take some gut-level courage to deal with what we discover.

The apostle John wrote this to one of his close friends: “Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul” (3 John 2 ESV). I believe he was expressing God’s heart for each of us: that our souls would be happy, healthy, and whole.

God is committed not just to our happiness—which is notoriously fleeting and subjective—but to our wellbeing. And that wellbeing starts on the inside. So don’t be too afraid, too busy, or even too selfless to start paying attention to your soul. You’ll be glad you did.


Are you comfortable talking with other people about your feelings, hurts, dreams, and desires? If not, why do you think it’s difficult for you?

Why do you think people often wait until their souls are in crisis mode before they think about them? Do you tend to do this?

Take a moment to think about the state of the inner you. What are three specific fears, feelings, assumptions, or insecurities that could be affecting you?

Can’t Never Could Do Anything – From His Heart – August 18


“For by You I can run upon a troop;
and by my God I can leap over a wall.”
Psalm 18:29

Has there ever been a greater movie character than Rocky Balboa, the Italian Stallion? The answer is NO! Rocky is beloved because he had limited ability but miles and miles of heart. He did what others said couldn’t be done.

In Rocky II, Rocky is preparing for his big rematch with Apollo Creed, the heavy weight champion of the world. As he and his trainer, Mickey, watch film from the first fight, Mickey lets him in on a little secret: in order to win, Rocky was going to have to fight Creed as a right handed fighter.

Rocky responded by saying, “Com’ on, Mick. I can’t do that!” I love Mickey’s reply, “What’s can’t?! There ain’t no can’t!”


In the Christian life, “there ain’t no can’t” because nothing is too difficult for God. Yet, so many of us have “can’t do” attitudes. We look at the mountains of opposition in our lives and silently say to ourselves, “No way.  This can’t be moved.  This can’t be done.  I can’t succeed.”  And you know what?  When we think like that, we experience defeat.  Mountain moving miracles don’t take place in “can’t do” people.

Peter walked on the water just fine until the fierceness of the wind and waves caused him to take his eyes off Jesus.  As he began to whisper to himself, “This can’t be done,” he started to sink.  Everyone knows that “can’t do” people can’t walk on water.  But “can do” people can!


Jesus said, “Be it done to you according to your faith” (Matthew 9:29).  He said, “If you had faith like a mustard seed, you would say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and be planted in the sea’; and it would obey you” (Luke 17:6).

What exactly is faith?  Tony Evans said, “Faith is acting like God is telling the truth.”  I love that definition.  God IS telling the truth.  You and I CAN see the mountains and trees of opposition leveled before us as we believe God and step out in faith.

You see, faith is not rooted in you.  It is rooted in the promises of God and in His power to fulfill His promises.  Faith is NOT whipping yourself into a frenzy and mindlessly chanting, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”  Faith is looking above your circumstances to the promises of God and saying, “I know He can, I know He can, I know He can!”


Are you facing a big “can’t do” in your life today?  Maybe it is financial.  Maybe it is physical.  Maybe it is in your marriage and family.  Maybe it is with a sin you “can’t” seem to conquer.

Remember, “There ain’t no can’t!”  Bring that situation to the Lord, AND keep bringing it to Him!  Find a promise in the Word of God that speaks to your situation and cling to it.

Every single day, make the choice to “walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7).  As you do, you will see Him work miracles in response.  How do I know?  The Bibletells me so!


Pastor Jeff Schreve,
From His Heart Ministries

Dr. Jeff Schreve believes that no matter how badly you may have messed up in life, God still loves you and has a wonderful plan just for you. From His Heart provides real truth, love and hope on over 700 radio stations each day, in 182 countries each week on TV, and is always available online.  Pastor Jeff takes no income from this ministry. All donations go to furthering the broadcast outreach. As a listener/viewer supported ministry, we thank you for joining with us to help speak the truth in love to a lost and hurting world. Go to for more information.



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