Devotional daily

 (Isaiah 41:8–14)

True security can only be found in the grace and mercy of God. This was the case for the Israelites. Though time and time again they had rebelled against their God, testing his patience with their consistent return to idolatry, he just as consistently reminded them that they were, and are, his chosen people.

The people of Israel did not earn this right; they did not pursue it on their own. Rather, God’s choice of Israel was based on his good pleasure and will. For that reason, his choice of a people to be his favored nation is also to his great glory alone. Because God’s choice of his people is based on himself, and for himself, security comes not in making a claim to personal righteousness, but rather in knowing and trusting that God keeps his promises to his people.

Like the Israelites then, we too can be free from fear. We can trust in his strength. We can know that ultimately God will be victorious, and that we will share in that victory. This is not because we can merit any such claim, but only because we have been chosen to be the recipients of God’s grace in the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Jesus, thank you for choosing me. Help me to live fearlessly, trusting completely in your strength. Amen.

Taken from NIV The Jesus Bible

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