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“You search the scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; it is these that testify about me; and you are unwilling to come to me so that you may have life.” John 5;39,40

In these scriptures Jesus is challenging the Pharisees. He’s grabbing them by the collar, pointing to their greatest strength; the dogmatic study of the Word of God; and He declares the utter failure and waste that all their effort in dissecting the scriptures has achieved. They missed the boat. Their own brilliance brought upon themselves an arrogance of intellect that caused them to be blind to the Truth, even though it stared them in the face! The Truth is not an idea, or a concept, or a philosophy, or a moral code, or a set of laws, or a doctrine. The Truth is a person and that person is Jesus Christ!

Unwilling. Why? Pride. Pride in their own carefully crafted idea of who God is derived from their own personal proclivities. Pride, that they thought they knew what others couldn’t possibly understand. Pride in their intellectual and religious superiority over the common rabble.

They were unwilling to come to Him . . .

Isn’t the Word of God enough? To have and to study the Bible should be all that is needed, correct? NO!

Permit me to share an allegory with you. Suppose you were a great admirer of a particular famous person. At one point, he wrote his autobiography, which you purchased as soon as it hit the shelves. You spent every spare moment you could find, reading it, studying it and your admiration for this man grew and grew as a result. You even began to try to pattern yourself after him. Then one day there is a knock at the door. You are reading your special book and don’t want to be interrupted, but, reluctantly, you get up and answer the door. Standing there on your front step is the very man you are reading about. He introduces himself and says that it was mentioned to him what a great admirer you were of him so he thought he’d bless you by coming over and getting to know you. You look at him and say that you’re a bit busy right now, could he come another time. The man asks you what you are doing and you tell him you’re reading his autobiography. “Wonderful!” he says. He offers to come in and sit with you and go over the book in order that your understanding could be on a personal level. “Let’s become friends.”, he says. You blink and repeat to him that you are really too busy at the moment and that you’d like to get back to your book! And, like that, you shut the door in his face.

Preposterous, you say.

Well, let me say, it happened 2000 years ago, and sadly, it is still happening today. I love the Word of God. It is everything to me. It is how I became saved, by reading it. But, I love the author even more! He, who wrote this love letter to you and me is He who is knocking today at the door of our hearts, asking: “May I come in and sup with you?”

Never let your intellectual understanding of God become a hindrance to your personal relationship with Him. Let Him in. Get to know Him one on one. He stands at the door and knocks. Will you open up for Him? In Him is Life! Knowing Him! Don’t delay . . .

His Blessings, Ron Bouchard http://www.theburningheart.com