Goodnight M.A.E.

My dear Blogger friends, I almost always use this phrase to open a blog post,

I have been up, no sleep for almost 2 days and I need prayers, Please. 

I am going through something I have not been through for years now. I take sleeping pill pus 1 and a half mg of Xanax and still, no sleep.

I have a lot to do tomorrow and must sleep some. Unfortunately, I need to increase my Xanax tonight or I am sure I will not sleep.

Please a prayer. I will post tomorrow after my meeting at Church , (not late tonight as I will hopefully sleep) so, around 11 am I think.

Bless you, alland love you all in Christ Jesus,



Child of God.



Arguments or Obedience

…the simplicity that is in Christ.  2 Corinthians 11:3

Simplicity is the secret to seeing things clearly. A saint does not think clearly until a long time passes, but a saint ought to see clearly without any difficulty. You cannot think through spiritual confusion to make things clear; to make things clear, you must obey. In intellectual matters, you can think things out, but in spiritual matters you will only think yourself into further wandering thoughts and more confusion. If there is something in your life upon which God has put His pressure, then obey Him in that matter. Bring all your “arguments and…every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ” regarding the matter, and everything will become as clear as daylight to you (2 Corinthians 10:5). Your reasoning capacity will come later, but reasoning is not how we see. We see like children, and when we try to be wise we see nothing (see Matthew 11:25).

Even the very smallest thing that we allow in our lives that is not under the control of the Holy Spirit is completely sufficient to account for spiritual confusion, and spending all of our time thinking about it will still never make it clear. Spiritual confusion can only be conquered through obedience. As soon as we obey, we have discernment. This is humiliating, because when we are confused we know that the reason lies in the state of our mind. But when our natural power of sight is devoted and submitted in obedience to the Holy Spirit, it becomes the very power by which we perceive God’s will, and our entire life is kept in simplicity. From My Utmost for His Highest Updated Edition

Bible in One Year: Proverbs 19-21; 2 Corinthians 7

Is My Blog Blessed? ( update, thank you)

I have been thinking about and prayed for the success of this Blog that is not mine but Jesus’s.

I am trying to follow more people but it takes forever to see who is real and who is not.

I pray that more people will read the posts and “like” them so I know you have been here.

I am just a little down but I must remember that if it is God’s Will all will be better for the Blog. God IS in control,




Child of God.