Goodnight M.A.E.

My dear Blogger friends, I almost always use this phrase to open a blog post,

I have been up, no sleep for almost 2 days and I need prayers, Please. 

I am going through something I have not been through for years now. I take sleeping pill pus 1 and a half mg of Xanax and still, no sleep.

I have a lot to do tomorrow and must sleep some. Unfortunately, I need to increase my Xanax tonight or I am sure I will not sleep.

Please a prayer. I will post tomorrow after my meeting at Church , (not late tonight as I will hopefully sleep) so, around 11 am I think.

Bless you, alland love you all in Christ Jesus,



Child of God.

30 thoughts on “Goodnight M.A.E.

          1. I a well and spoke with that ghost writer that gives me hints how to write my book and now I am again excited about writing. I had months of doing nothing but we spoke on the phone nd I understand better now.
            I hope you are well as much or more then I am. I am cooking dinner now, lol busy day today. Dentist for new denture next week will be ready. It looks better then my real teeth, lol love and hugs.

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