Morning is coming

It’s Never Too Dark To Sing

Songs are essentially just prayers. There are moments when the only song we have is a groan, a tear, or a whisper of Jesus’ name — but there’s no prayer He finds insignificant. The God who never sleeps is listening. Right now. He waits for our voice while we wait for our sunrise, and longs to reveal to us firsthand that He is the true light, the sun that never sets, and He Himself is our peace. (Ephesians 2:14)

Satan wants nothing more than to talk us out of our song. He knows far too well what we need to know: when we lose our voice, both our praise and petition, we lose precious perspective that God is worthy of our worship in every hour. In every hour He proves Himself as our faithful provider.

If we let our prayers be silenced, the world will gladly provide its own soundtrack. Maybe you’ve been listening to it today or ten years. It’s never too late to run into the arms of your Good Father the King. None of us can do this disconnected from Him. Yes, it’s humbling, but hope-infusing news: if we cling to the Rock that’s higher than what we see, He will see us through.

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