God’s not done with you YouVersion Devotional

DAY ONE | The Miracle In Motown
If you know me at all, you know that I am an avid Detroit Lions fan. Yeah, yeah, save your comments. I’ve heard them all, but my heart still bleeds Lion-blue! I’ve been rooting for them as long as I can remember. We’ve had some major ups and downs together. In fact, one night a few years ago, I was watching a game against our biggest rival, the Green Bay (fill in the blank because I don’t say that team’s name). It’s the fourth quarter, the score 23 DET, 21 GB. There is 0:00 on the clock, and somehow the Lions are flagged for a penalty. This gives Green Bay one more untimed play. So with what seems to be virtually no time left, Aaron Rodgers gets the snap, dances out of the pocket, throws a bomb down field into the end zone, and his receivers leap over several Detroit defenders to snag a game-ending touchdown. 

As painful as this was as a Lions fan, I must say that the inspiration I gained from experiencing it was worth it, and here’s why: so many of you that have just begun this journey with me through this devo feel like the game is as good as over in your life. There is no time left on the clock for your hopes, dreams, and desires. You thought life would look different by now. You’ve been knocked down, and there’s no way it could all turn around. Well, they called Green Bay’s crazy play “The Miracle in Motown,” but far beyond a quarterback’s ability to change the outcome of a game is the power of God to change a life! Even when it looks like there’s 0:00 on the clock, God has one more miracle in store that can change everything!

God is not done with your dreams.

God is not done with your ministry.

God is not done with your kids.

God is not done with your career.

God is not done with your marriage.

God is not done with you!

As my friend Perry Noble says, “If you’re not dead, God is not done!” 

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