Zionism: Philippines and Israel, the Alliance both covert and overt

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All Truth Exposed | Freemasonry to Symbology to Kabballa, Exposing Reality

The friendship between the downtrodden Philippines and the wildly successful but controversial Jewish state is an ethical, religious and diplomatic tie that operates in the open and under the table.

Philippines Israel Political Alliance

Back in 1947, the Philippines, under the administration of President Freemason Manuel Roxas and under the pressure of the US led by fellow Freemason Harry S Trumans, cast the tie-breaking vote at the UN to create Israel at the cost of Palestine. It was the only Asian country to support the creation of the state of Israel.

Famous Freemason Harry Truman 33rd President USA
Famous Freemason Harry Truman 33rd President of the USA

Freemasonry as a craft and ethos is decoded and then recoded Hasidic Judaism and Kabbala so this isn’t really the heroic vote that many Filipinos will tell you. It was an inevitability and fully supported as Philippines is incredibly pro Israel. As a country, the Philippines has the highest…

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