Pearls of Grace – October 3


October 3

The Power of Song

“…in the night his song shall be with me my prayer unto the God of my life.”

Psalm 42:8

The Nightingale birds are known for their unique singing because unlike other birds, they sing in the night time. Their songs are loud and have an impressive range. They are particularly noticeable at night because the other birds are not singing; they are quiet against the backdrop of the darkened sky. A song that is raised in the night will carry us to morning and all those who are hidden in the dark will hear it and be glad. God’s greatest praise is heard the loudest, not when it is given in the day, but when it is offered during the bleak hours when none are singing. Every aching heart longs to hear a song of hope; the song of hope is not learned in the day but every note is discovered only in those hours when the world is hidden away and the light is not seen.

When you are weary, when you are worn and tired, when you are sorrowful and your heart is broken, then take up your stand upon the branch of the Lord and bestow a song upon the ears of earth, a song for all to hear. When we fill our dark times with singing, light floods in to the soul and we are steadied and our hearts are comforted. I believe God created our souls with a chamber to hold only the music of Him; every note masterfully written by our Heavenly Father to quiet us and give us the assurance we so often need. Until you’ve had the music of the soul that He gives you in the night, you will miss the joy of the day.

What a rare bird the Nightingale is because it chooses to sing its song in the night time. Anyone can sing in the day beloved but only the Nightingale will sing during the night hours. It will not matter our words or actions in the day, in those times when life is good and easy but what will count, what will make an impact in your world is what you do when the clouds roll in and block the sun’s view; those seasons of life when it is dark, difficult and challenging for your faith will have the greatest impact upon you and others depending on how you react to them. Why not choose to sing unto the God of your soul? Singing in the night requires trust in the One to Whom you sing. Our song is lost when we seek to make sense of the madness to gain enlightenment.

Just Sing

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