12 thoughts on “TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS

  1. Follow me, no disappointments here.
    We draw water from the well freely, and it is Ok to get past the first page of the website.
    Thank You,
    and Blessings
    Le Rock.

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    1. I do not see a follow button but Inotice a payement one. I am sorry I have to scramble the money together by the race of God to pay fo my Site. I would love to follow if it was free like mine is. Thank you anyways.


      1. I know this for now, I am still working on some of the posting issues, hang in there, all things come together for good. I have one on the site right now, posted about 13 hrs ago… titled Judgement – You take ownership. If you look for this you will see the like button and the follow button. It is all Good.

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    1. sorry i have no money to donate, i count on the Lord for everything like you do and also my husband forbitten me because i had a scam played on me. i m sure u r legit i just dont have anything extra to give.


      1. It is no big deal, these studies I am posting are free…. Just click the “visit” button and read and check the verses on the two page short studies… quite enlightening the ones I am posting which would be 10 different ones are the ones I am presenting to those with eyes to see’. The other more ‘in depth’ ones I put a price on those to prevent spammers from attacking… but if the comments are good I am way more than willing to fellowship with free material… read out the whole website (3 pages) when you get the opportunity and let others know that there is non-other better fellowship than here.
        Le Rock

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