God Knows Us By Name, Day 21

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Max Lucado

Today’s reading is drawn from Psalm 79:13.

Sheep aren’t smart. They tend to wander into running creeks for water, then their wool grows heavy and they drown. They need a shepherd to lead them to “calm water” (Psalm 23:2). They have no natural defense—no claws, no horns, no fangs. They are helpless. Sheep need a shepherd with a “rod and shepherd’s staff” (Psalm 23:4) to protect them. They have no sense of direction. They need someone to lead them “on paths that are right” (Psalm 23:3).

So do we. We, too, tend to be swept away by waters we should have avoided. We have no defense against the evil lion who prowls about seeking whom he might devour. We, too, get lost.

We need a shepherd. We need a shepherd to care for us and to guide us. And we have one. One who knows us by name.

from A Gentle Thunder

2 thoughts on “God Knows Us By Name, Day 21

  1. Having been around sheep and herded a few, i can honestly say they’re the dumbest animal on the face of the Earth. So when we’re compared to sheep, it isn’t a compliment. Like sheep, we tend to listen to our voices that keep saying we can lead ourselves into a better world. To often we end up in a canyon blocked in the front and both sides, and coyotes coming in from the rear.

    Having wandered away a time or two, and being in a situation where I’m wondering not only what I got myself into and how to get out of it, I can honestly say I was sure glad to see the shepherd show up. I’m very thankful he’d leave the flock to go looking for that one.

    Moral of the story. Stay close to the Shepherd. Not only will he lead you into that better world, but you’re safe with him.

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