Your Heritage of faith YouVersion Devotional

“Come to Me”
Have you ever prayed something like this: “God, say something to me that will pull me out of this depression, this discouragement, this sense of hopelessness”?

According to Jesus, if the yoke you wear is not easy and light, it is not His yoke. Jesus wants to lift you up. He wants to deliver you and set you free from the weight of that depression, discouragement, worry, care—or whatever you may be carrying.

The Amplified translation of the scripture above says, “You will find rest (relief and ease and refreshment and recreation and blessed quiet) for your souls” (v.29). In other words, you’re going to learn you can have joy in every situation; you’re going to have some fun.

When you come to Jesus, you will learn the truth about your situation. The truth is, when you stand on His Word, God will give you the victory. With this revelation you will be able to walk through any situation with joy and hope, knowing that it will turn out for your good.

Truth Confession

Jesus, I come to you today and release all of my burdens to you. I receive Your yoke and the rest and refreshment You promised. Father, thank You for loving me. You have already given me the victory in every situation, and I await the manifestation with joy.

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