Your Heritage of faith YouVersion Devotional

“Make the Decision to Win”
The Spirit of God once said to me, “Son, if you are not willing to make a decision to win, then you are not going to win.”

Success begins with a decision.

The decision to succeed will produce an unwavering commitment to do what it takes to discover the spiritual laws relevant to your challenge (get wisdom), and to diligently apply these laws throughout your journey to complete victory.

Nothing just happens or changes on its own. Getting wisdom from the Word of God is the first step toward victory. Declaring the Word is what brings about change.

God wants you to be successful even more than you want to be successful, but if you don’t believe and act according to His Word, there is nothing He can do about it. However, when you do your part, God will always do His part.

Truth Confession

Today I make the decision to win. I make an unwavering commitment to do what it takes to get the wisdom of God for my situation, and then to apply it and declare it until victory is achieved.

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