When Once I was and now I am. By Timothy Baugh.

Like the assistant of a Master Magician… Now you see me, and now you don’t. Where did I go? and, Where am I now? I am here but I am not. Invisible, yet not. Poof! I’m gone! I am dressed; but shamefully naked. Grossly and morbidly obese, and yet skin and bones malnourished. Alive in God, but dead in Sin.  Ugly as Darkness Itself, yet beautiful beyond words. I am a child, but infinitely old. So old I feel at times! Sane but insane. Richer beyond description, yet “dirt poor”, so to speak. I act alone, but prompted. Is it Jesus, my very best, AND ONLY TRUE FRIEND? Or is it another voice I do not recognize? How then can this show possibly go on? Yet it does. My attitude and feelings are large, yet mostly ignored. My heart is broken, yet fixed as good as new! My faith never fails me, but wavers with every complaint I offer. I once was blind, but now I see! People smile, ever so patiently, at this “senile old man”. Maybe, even laugh and mock me to my face. “He talks to himself”, they say. NO!!! I talk to God. If I am seen praying on my knees, they will think I’m crippled. God Bless Them All, is all I can say. Amen.

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