October 10
Yawning in God’s Face
“Because they regard not the works of the LORD, nor the operation of his hands, he shall destroy them, and not build them up” (Psa_28:5)
The Bible asks, “What is man that Thou art mindful of him?” The psalmist who penned the question found it too astounding to grasp that so great a God would even notice, let alone regard so lowly a creature as man. Yet, even more, astounding is this — that so lowly a creature as a man would be of such a high-minded opinion of himself that he completely disregards so great a God as this!
Is it even imaginable that anyone could yawn in God’s face?
The Hebrew verb for regard means “to discern, to perceive, to observe, to pay attention to, to be intelligent, to be discreet, to understand.” It shows intentionality on the part of an individual who is looking for what God is doing, observing how He does it, and seeking to understand what this may teach us about Him.
For those who will cultivate this attitude in their lives, and explore their world with constant regard to the works of God, and the operations of His hands, a promise is made from heaven. They will be built up. This means God will construct their lives and keep them intact; strengthened to withstand storms, and blessed with bounty in life.
But the man who does not regard the works of the Lord will be destroyed. The Hebrew word here means “to pull down, to break through, to overthrow, to destroy.” This is the exact strategy of Satan against the soul of every man. He seeks to pull down the defenses which God has erected around your life, and breakthrough into your inner world, where he then may overthrow you — and destroy you. “The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy,” Jesus said.
When any person yawns in God’s face and disregards the operation of His hands — “Ho Hum” – they thereby unwittingly prescribe their own destruction; for they open themselves up to the invasive and corrosive power of sin, and all the ensuing sorrow it can muster.
May I encourage you, my friend, to make sure that the Lord does not become the Disregarded God? You are far too worthy, and your life has so much to offer than for you to permit Satan to bring you to great ruin through the prideful act of disregarding the Lord.
Surely, you know this is true.

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