We are going to a Scottish Party tonigh

My husband Toby’s ancestry has a lot of Scottish blood.

He celebrates his ancestors by starting occasionally to wore the Kilt.

Tonight I will dress like a female pirate lol will post pictures tonight late or tomorrow. God bless you all.

I will be gone from 5:30 PM USA Eastern time until…



Child Of God


19 thoughts on “We are going to a Scottish Party tonigh

  1. Found your blog by searching Scottish and I am so glad I found it. As a christian and Scottish myself, you should encourage Toby to celebrate his heritage by wearing the kilt. I am not sure if Toby knows his clan association, but I want to give y’all this link to our tartan-finder-tool that allows you to discover which Scottish or Irish clans are associated with your last name. https://thetartankilt.com/whats-my-tartan/

    May God bless both of y’all!

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    1. Thank you. My husband is of Scottish desenent an I need to buy my kilt. Thank you for any news on Kils, or anything at all of the Scottish tradition. My husband is very proud of been of this great people a part. please email me if you want and i will forward itto him or if ok with him give you his email and you guys cn exchange infos.


          1. Well there is plenty of Celtic wear for ladies as well! 🙂
            Thanks so much! My Scottish heritage is very important to me and I want all be able to celebrate theirs as well.

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