Another Dr. Appointment

I m on my way to my neurologist that is a sweetheart. I remember having terrible back pain a few years ago and he giving me a very good shot. He was not authorized but he has a compassionate heart and I have been is client. At that time i had been his patients for 7 years. I go to enjoy shots around and on my head plus my neck for migraines. They are botox and they keep my forehead pretty tight.

At my age i should have wrinkles but, magic of medicine those headaches shots are also a boost to the forehead.

You know how it is. Everytime they have a new medication they find out is good for another illness unless as all the warning say, you die. Well botox are a poison that I need the rest of my life. I can see myself at 85 all wrinkles but my beautiful tight forehead and this is my news.

I m posting from phone in case of spellings mistakes.

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