Awake Devotional YouVersion

 There is a sound that changes things
The sound of His people on their knees
Oh, wake up, you slumbering
It’s time to worship Him 
– Awake My Soul
At the beginning of this year, our Senior Pastor, Brian Houston, declared that “REVIVAL IS IN THE AIR.” This was a statement of faith and expectation, both for the local and global church. But did you realise that revival begins with a death? The death of Jesus Christ. It is upon the foundation of His death and resurrection that everything has new life. Personal and corporate revival begins with a death, and then what follows death is resurrection, what follows resurrection is revival, and what follows revival is an awakening. 

This album project for us was a beautiful reminder that the Holy Spirit is always at work in the story of our lives. He was weaving this narrative long before we ever caught on, the idea that REVIVAL – a bringing back to life the people of God from a state of slumber and apathy – is in the air! Revival is unique to the church, to the gathering of Gods people. Revival starts with us, but it does not end there.

Following revival is AWAKENING. The uprising of godly men and women who are committed to prayer and praise – to not only reading, but obeying the Word of God and to healthy fellowship and community, whose influence and impartation then impacts the nations.

Our awakening goes far beyond the four walls of the church and has a ripple effect to the broader community – it is a picture of God wooing hearts, beckoning those still asleep, still blinded by sin, back into right relationship with Him. It is our belief that revival has a sound; that awakening has a sound. It is the sound of God responding to His people praying and seeking Him. Together, a people on their knees, desperate for God to move, will undoubtedly unleash that sound to the nations…

Awaken by Lawrence Tribble
One man awake,
Awakens another.
The second awakens
His next door brother.
The three awake can rouse
A town
By turning the whole place
Upside down.
The many awake
Can cause such a fuss
It finally awakens the
Rest of us.
One man up,
With dawn in his eyes
Surely then

Dear Jesus, 

Thank You that though I was once dead in my sins, You rescued and redeemed me and that I can live fully awake in You. Lord, let revival start with me. Let the Church of Jesus Christ around the world come AWAKE, Your Glorious Bride rising to her full potential. I pray today, Lord, for an opportunity to share Your resurrection power with those around me. 

In Jesus’ Mighty Name, 



Dawn, Awake, 2019

Awake My Soul, 2019

Awake My Soul
Words and Music by Brooke Ligertwood
© 2019 Hillsong Music Publishing Australia

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