Spirit Breakers.

By: Ron Bouchard http://www.theburningheart.com

“Speech that heals is like a life-giving tree, but a perverse tongue breaks the spirit.” Proverbs 15:4

I was taking my border collie, Bisbee for a walk the other morning. The air was cool and crisp. The sky was beginning to take on that deeper blue of the Fall season. We were walking through a patch of woods and from a distance I heard the honking of Canada Geese approaching. Quickly I whipped out my smart phone, opened the camera app, and just in time, was able to point it to the sky as the flock flew over our heads and snap the picture you see above. In an instant they were gone, their honking’s of encouragement to one another fading as they sped along on their journey.

I thought about this for a moment; how God made these creatures with the ability to communicate with each other on their journey. It is a happy, soothing sound. It is the sound of camaraderie, of care. I believe it is the sound of the love the birds have for each other (but, I am a romantic). It is like they are saying: “We’re all in this thing together. Let’s keep going. We’re here for each other. Let’s keep pressing on!” Or, maybe it is just small talk, like you and I have in the car with a loved one as we are travelling together. I guess, only God knows . . .

Nevertheless I am sure it is the kind of speech mentioned in the above verse; speech that heals, speech that encourages, speech that motivates another to keep going even when it seems impossible. Speech that feeds the souls of another person with good fruit from a good tree. That’s the kind of speech God desires us to have for one another.

He does not want us to use our tongues to break and crush other people’s spirits, but to build them up and urge them forward in a loving way.

Our tongues have great power. Power for healing or power for destruction. It all depends upon what our intentions are towards the other person we are speaking to. Is it our intent to love them with God’s love? Or, is it our intent to break them with our hate and judgement?

Prayer: “Lord make me like the geese that you have given as an example to me: may my speech always be seasoned with your love and encouragement. I fail so often at this, but, my heart is to be as you are. Work it out in me Lord Jesus!”

May God’s merciful love be poured upon you, Ron

By: Ron Bouchard http://www.theburningheart.com

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