Daily in Your Presence – Nov. 28


Day 333


By oppression and judgment

he was taken away.

And who can speak of his descendants?

Isaiah 53:8

My child, if I had quit the night of My greatest temptation in the Garden of Gethsemane and refused to do My Father’s will, where do you think you would be? I loved you too much to act selfishly. The next time you are tempted to do your own thing or to shirk the tasks I’ve given you, remember My tenacity. Hold on to your faith—and to My hand. You won’t be sorry.

Lord, You won no popularity contests. No one voted You “Most Likely to Succeed.” While You were here on earth, You were despised and forsaken. Yet, You held on, like the last rose before winter. And what a garden of “flowers” You produced! Thank You for Your tenacity, Lord.

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