God brings light into darkness. That is a recurring theme throughout the Bible, and it begins here. In this verse, the spoken words of God create physical light to brighten a dark world. The New Testament records God sending his Son, Jesus, to be the light of the world (Jn 1:1–14). And Paul wrote to the church in Corinth that salvation occurs when God commands the light of his own glory “displayed in the face of Christ” to shine on the darkness of sinful hearts (2Co 4:6). Light represents the glory and salvation of God as it is expressed in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the exact representation of God, and he revealed God to a world sitting in darkness. Those who trust in Jesus are brought from the darkness of sin into God’s light—where there is joy, peace and hope forever. In the end, there will be no more darkness, and the light of God’s glory will shine brightly in God’s eternal kingdom (Rev 21:23).

Jesus, thank you for bringing light into my heart and into my life. Please shine your light through me so the people around me may encounter you. Amen.

Taken from NIV The Jesus Bible

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