God Shows up

Today’s Bible ReadingLeviticus 9:1–423–24

Recommended ReadingJohn 4:21–24Romans 12:1–2

Leviticus is a book about worship. It defines how the ancient Israelites were to worship God and is also a record of God’s commands to his people regarding how they were to live while he led them through the desert. As you read through this book, you may encounter some passages that sound strange to you. Read them in the context of God’s concern and care for his people.

The passage we read today shows God’s blessing on the worship of Moses and Aaron. Right in front of all of Israel, God showed up. Once again, as we saw in Exodus, God demonstrated his approval of his people by physically manifesting himself to them. Their reaction? “They shouted for joy and fell facedown.” Who wouldn’t?

If you are a regular church attendee, have you had that kind of experience in worship lately? Has God “shown up” in your worship experience? Okay, so chances are pretty slim that part of your worship is a giant barbecue, with God providing fire for the charcoal. But God still shows up through the worship of his people today. Through his Spirit he moves in the minds and hearts of the people who turn their minds and hearts toward him.

Have you heard God speaking to you through a particularly powerful message? Have the words of a song stirred your soul? Have members of the church helped you out in a time of need, or have you helped another? Have you spoken to others about their experiences? God still works today to move his communities of worship to greater devotion and toward actions that fit within his plan. Revival still happens. God still shows up.

What about in your own personal or family life? One of the hallmarks of Israelite worship in the wilderness was that the tabernacle was physically at the center of the camp, a symbol that it was also to be at the center of their lives. As a believer, is worship always close to your heart and mind? Do you talk about what God has done for you with your wife, your kids, your coworkers, your other family members?

Or maybe you’re still considering the place God has in your life. If so, remember that God is just as alive and active today as he was thousands of years ago for his people in the desert. God longs to interact with people today. He still shows up, in many different ways. Look around for signs of his presence and understand that he wants to be part of your life.

To Take Away

  • How would you describe the purpose of worship?
  • Whether you’re worshiping God alone or with others, what do you think pleases him about your worship?
  • Pray a prayer of worship to God today, focusing on one particular aspect of his work in your life.

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