Keep on praying YouVersion Devotional

Why don’t you wear shoes?

A man came to a city. He noticed that no one in the city wore shoes. Everyone was barefoot.

One day, the man decided to ask one of the residents there why they didn’t wear shoes.

“I’m sorry, but do you know about shoes?” The man asked one of the residents of the city.

“Yes, of course.” answered the man.

“Then, do you know the use of shoes for your feet?”

“Of course.” answered the man.

“Then why don’t you wear shoes?” asked the man once more in confusion.

“Ah… that question…” said the man “Why don’t we wear shoes? Why don’t we wear shoes?”

The next day after breakfast the man walked on the snowy road. Despite the snowy streets, everyone he met on the streets was barefoot. So he asked another man about it and explained that shoes would protect his feet from the cold.

The man said, “We know about shoes. You see the building there? It is a shoe factory. We are very proud of the building and every week we gather there to hear the man in charge of the factory to tell us everything about shoes and about how extraordinary those shoes are. ”

“Then why don’t you wear shoes?”

“Ah … that question again.” said the man.

Don’t we also believe in prayer? Don’t we know the meaning of prayer in our lives? Then why don’t we pray? Ah … that question … Why don’t we pray?


Prayer is an extraordinary power available for our lives. How important is prayer for our lives? We must not neglect the importance of prayer in our lives, because prayer can change everything in our lives.

Don’t just pray if you feel like it. Make a covenant with God and keep the promise. Someone will be full of power while he is kneeling (Corrie Ten Boom) 

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