Keep on praying YouVersion Devotional

Is something too difficult for the Lord?

In June 1926, Raymond Edmand, a 26-year-old missionary was in the Andes mountains in Ecuador. He and his wife had only been married for about a year and had an 8-week-old son when Raymond was hit by typhoid fever and almost died. Raymond’s feet became cold and he fell into a coma. Raymond’s wife and friends were so sure that Raymond would die very soon, so the wife colored her wedding dress in black in preparation for the burial ceremony and a friend bought a coffin to bury Raymond.

At the same time, a Bible conference was taking place in Massachusetts, located about 3,500 miles from Ecuador. Dr. Joseph Evans, one of the leaders at the conference, felt a deep burden to pray for Raymond.

So the participants left their Bible studies and began to pray for Raymond, even though they did not know Raymond’s condition at that time. They prayed past lunchtime and continued to pray until finally, Evan cried, “Praise God! The victory has been won!” And indeed, the victory had been won. Raymond returned to health on that same day, lived 41 more years and became the 4th president of Wheaton College.

If nothing is impossible for God, then we need to ask ourselves, why do we panic, why do we worry when bad things seem to happen in our lives? If God really can do anything, and if nothing is impossible, then what is wrong here? The problem does not lie with God. Nor is it because He cannot do that. This happens because we do not put ourselves in a position to receive anything from Him.


We need to realize that nothing is too difficult for God. What difficulties are you struggling with today? Leave all your problems to God today in prayer.

Pray without ceasing, fight with trust, believe in God’s promises, hold on to His word and wait for His victory. (Anonymous)

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