December 2
The Ultimate Backup
“Now when Jesus heard that John was cast into prison, He departed into Galilee…and from that time Jesus began to preach, saying, ‘Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand’” (Mat_4:12, Mat_4:17)
By all accounts John the Baptizer was extraordinary.
He was filled with the Holy Spirit while yet in his mother’s womb, and chosen by God to be the forerunner of Jesus Christ. As a man they found him clothed in camel’s skin, eating locusts and honey in the wilderness. He preached the Word of God without fear; unintimidated by anybody — not even wicked Herod, who had John put in prison.
And why? Was John a murderer, a robber, a rapist? No, a thousand times! He was a prophet. And when the corrupted king was confronted by the truth of John’s message, he had to shut him up somehow.
But John’s message was a far greater threat to yet another prince — the Prince of Darkness. And though Herod sat upon Israel’s throne, Satan held the scepter which governed the king’s darkened heart. It was he, not Herod, who put John in prison, because the message of the Kingdom must be stopped!
Now here’s my point. When Jesus heard that John was cast into prison, He then sprang into action. Leaving the familiar confines of Nazareth, He moved into The Galilee, and dwelt in Capernaum. This fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecy, “The people who sat in darkness saw great light, and to them who sat under the shadow of death, light is sprung up.”
And from that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!”
Wait a minute — isn’t that what John said? Exactly. And now Jesus is on the scene to back him up — just when John needed Him the most.
Jesus will do the same for you today anytime you are opposed for faithfully doing what God has called you to do. He is, and forever will be, the Ultimate Backup.
No matter what opposition even Hell itself may muster against us, we shall prevail in every manner. “Remember that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead according to my gospel,” Paul wrote in his final letter, adding, “wherein I suffer as an evildoer, even unto bonds. But the Word of God is not bound!” (2Ti_2:8).
The Kingdom cannot be bound, for the King is on His throne — backing each one of us up each and every day.

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