“Where is God?”

One reason so many professed believers falter and fail when confronted with our modern culture’s values is that they simply do not know what the Bible says. So they compromise and assimilate themselves into the culture around them because they have little or no real heart convictions. Too seldom do we, like Daniel, “purpose in our hearts” so that when decision-making time comes, we have already made it in our minds and hearts.

In our modern world with so many vices too easily tolerated, many of us may ask, “Where is God?” He was there with Daniel. And He is still here with us. Remember, it was God Himself who gave Israel into Babylon’s hand (Daniel 1:2). And this same God “brought Daniel into the favor and goodwill” of the Babylonian authorities (v. 9). God had not abandoned His throne . . . then or now. He is in total control.

When we establish and live by biblical standards as Daniel did, God has a way of showing up on our side. Daniel “purposed in his heart” (v. 8). He made his choice. He had set his mind to doing the right thing. God still holds the remote control in His hand. He can turn us up or turn us down. He can turn us on or turn us off. He can change our channel or mute us at His will as He desires.

We need to follow Daniel’s example. We seem to think if we don’t give up and just go along, we might not get that promotion, or we might even lose our position. Daniel knew who he wanted on his side, and it was not his boss. It was the living God. Daniel knew the truth of Proverbs 16:7, “When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.”

So what is the point? If we are going to get anywhere in life, there are some wise lessons to be learned from our friend Daniel. Don’t play politics. Live aligned with the Word of God. Forget trying to be a people pleaser; your task is to please God. And it is not enough to simply resist the culture around us if we who are God’s people are not consistent in what we say and how we act.

Finally, one of the most appealing aspects of Daniel’s conduct was that he was not self-righteously trying to prove something to someone. This choice to not eat the king’s food was no show. It was from his heart. Daniel had a disarming way about him that pleased God and ultimately gave him favor with those who sought to rule over him. We would all get further in life if we were as wise as Daniel was. Can you hear him right now? I don’t think he is speaking softly in some kind of a whisper. I think he is shouting, “Don’t give in! Be resistant! And don’t give up! Be consistent!”

Content drawn from The Daniel Code: Living Out Truth in a Culture That Is Losing Its Way.

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