What Is Christmas All About?
James Merritt
Genesis 3:15


1. There was a certain professor of a great law school who used to begin his first class every year by putting two numbers on the blackboard – a 4, and then out beside it a 2. Then he would ask this question: ”What is the solution?”

2. Well one student would immediately call out ”6.” Another would cry out ”2.” Then several would shout out ”8!” But at each answer the teacher would always shake his head in the negative. Then the professor would point out their one fatal error.

3. He would say, ”The reason why you people cannot find the solution is because you have all failed to ask the key question: ‘What is the problem?’ Gentlemen, unless you know what the problem is, you cannot possibly find the solution.”

4. We are living in a world frantically trying to find solutions when it hasn’t even identified the problem. This world is in a mess. It is in a mess morally. Teenage pregnancy, abortions, alcoholism, drug use, crime is at an all time high.

5. This world is in a mess politically. The second most powerful nation on earth is literally falling apart at the seams. Civil war and unrest is percolating in the heart of Eastern Europe in exactly the same place that started the first World War. Riots, revolts, and revolutions are taking place on practically every continent.

6. This world is in a mess economically. Entire nations are defaulting on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of loans. Here in America we have seen Savings and Loans Associations going broke by the billions. The Federal Government this year will spend $1.8 trillion, which is $400 billion more than it will take in. To put it another way, the Federal Government is spending $4.6 billion a day, $195 million an hour, $3.25 million every minute day and night. For the first time in our history we are a debtor nation, and in some countries around the world the inflation rate has climbed to triple and quadrup …

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