Complete Confidence – Powered by 4 – December 3



Tuesday, December 3

Complete Confidence

Today’s reading: Genesis 24:1-9

After Sarah’s death, Abraham sets his sights on finding a suitable wife for Isaac. His plan is to send his servant back to his homeland to secure a wife from among his relatives. My favorite part of this passage is the exchange between Abraham and his servant, when the servant suggests that perhaps he won’t be able to find a wife who will be willing to return with him to Isaac. Without batting an eye, Abraham confidently declares to his servant that God “will send his angel before you, and you shall take a wife for my son from there” (vs. 7).

Abraham and God had a long and rich history. And through it all God had provided for and protected Abraham and his family in ways Abraham would never have imagined. As such, it’s no wonder that when the time comes for Isaac to take a wife, everything Abraham plans is based on what God had told and promised him. Abraham had complete confidence in God and that God would continue steady by his side.

How does remembering and/or seeing what God has done in your life (or the lives of others) help you stay the course as life moves you forward? What’s one example from your life of God being trustworthy? Tami

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