God’s Mark


Today’s Bible ReadingNumbers 1:47–54

Recommended ReadingRomans 12:1–2Colossians 3:23–241 Peter 2:4–12

What do you have in common with a Levite? Maybe more than you think!

Among the tribes of Israel the Levites held a unique place. Literally born into their roles, they served in the tabernacle in high-profile positions that took time and training to master. Frequently they stood up front and out there for all worshipers to see. Yet they worked hard to maintain the tabernacle—not a lot of glory in cleaning up after animal sacrifices.

As Christian men, we also form a tribe set apart. Our goals now ring clear: Put God first and serve him wholeheartedly.

No matter what position you hold at work, home or church, you represent God. In every part of life he invites you to serve him. Every day brings new opportunities to excel for the Lord. You can honor him with your attitude, effort and enthusiasm.

If you choose to.

Sure, you might want God to give you a more glamorous or exciting task to tackle. It’s normal to feel that way, but it’s a waste of time. Instead, change your perspective and take a God’s-eye view. Your service counts no matter what work God gives you to do for him.

God cares about you and loves you. Even if someone else makes more money, works in a more high-profile career or serves in a more prominent role than you do, he’s no closer to the Lord than you—nor more preferred. God loves you no matter what you do, as long as you put your heart into your work and honor him in the process.

Many men trap themselves into believing that their only value comes from their jobs. Their career gives them power and purpose. What they do defines who they are.

Why not be like the Levites and embrace your calling? Seeing your whole life as a sacrifice for the Lord not only allows you to provide for yourself and your family but also brings purpose to any task to which you put your hand, heart or shoulder. And others can see God’s mark in all that you do.

To Take Away

  • With What aspects of your daily work do you struggle the most?
  • If you were to rank all of the tasks you accomplish in a day, what would you find to be the most important work you do?
  • Pray for the wisdom to approach your daily tasks with joy, doing them as unto the Lord.

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