Tomorrow is the BIG Day when I fly to Georgia to see my family.

I m truly happy🙂 We will have an early Christmas with my daughter Kim and her family. After almost 2 years since I saw them. I am truly excited and I will fly out at 5:45pm getting into Atlanta at 7:40.

My heart is full of anticipation and I will not be disappointed, I know that they also, including my son in law, are looking forward to seeing us. My son in law Steve is like the son I hoped I had and now have. I m blessed with 3 grandchildren the 24, 20,13. 2 boys the oldest Cody and youngest child Nick and the middle one my Emily my granddaughter.

I love them very much and I will not wait anymore so long in between visits, God Willing.

I thank God for my little family.

Please pray for a safe trip for us. Toby will follow with the dog in the car a day later. I cannot ride 10 hours with my bad back I tried 2 times before and passed 3 days of my vacation in not this time. 2 trips this year. Italy in March to see my father now my child. I hope is not a bad omen, lol.

Hugs to all of you. I will try to post as well during the late hours.

God bless you all.



Child of God

11 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the BIG Day when I fly to Georgia to see my family.

    1. Thank you sweetie. I cant sleep yet. I m reading posts especially at night and when I leave for a trip I cannot sleep the night before. Lol thank you fir your kindness. Merry Christmas to you and your family. God bless you.


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