Does God give anyone a chance to believe after death?

Luke 16:19–31

The unrepeatable reality of physical death leads directly to reaping what we sowed in this world. Jesus taught that in this parable of the rich man and Lazarus as well as when he spoke of dying in one’s sins as something dreadful (see Jn 8:21–23). Similarly, Paul taught that on judgment day, all will receive a destiny corresponding to their works (see Ro 2:5–16; 2Co 5:10 ; Gal 6:7–8). New Testament teaching is unified in viewing the dead and final judgment this way.

Scripture says nothing of God’s grace triggering postmortem conversions. Thus we may infer that an unbeliever’s lack of desire for Christ before the grave remains unchanged after the grave. God’s offer of salvation does not appear to extend beyond death.

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