January 14
The Measure of Grace
“Unto each one of us is grace given according to the measure of the gift of Christ” (Eph_4:7).
We learned in our travels yesterday that God gives grace to the humble. This poses an interesting question: If grace is “unmerited favor” then why does God only give it to the humble? Why not give it to the proud?
But there’s more. Not only does God discriminate between the proud and humble when He gives His grace to man, but Paul tells us in Ephesians that grace is also given by God in measures.
It is not sent from above like a great Niagara downpour drenching all upon whom it falls. No; rather, it is supplied in specific measures. Some receive more; others less – but everyone gets exactly the measure that they need.
So again I ask – if grace is “unmerited favor” then why does God give it only to the humble; and, why does He then give it in proportionate measures?
And while I am asking questions, I might as well ask two more – which really present a challenge.
First, if Grace is “unmerited favor” then why can you fall from grace? Why would God freely give me something I clearly do not deserve, and then make it possible for me to lose it if I don’t start acting like I deserve it? Do I get it for free, but then have to keep it by my behavior? Even hillbillies know “that don’t make no sense!”
And before you answer, what about this one. If Grace is “unmerited favor” then why does the Bible say that the grace of God was upon Jesus? Are we to believe that God’s “unmerited favor” was upon His Beloved Son? Jesus did not deserve it, but God gave it to Him anyway? Of course not!
I tell you what, let me answer these question in just a little bit. For now what I want you to see is that God gives us grace in exact proportion to His will for our lives!
This means that whoever God has created you to be, and whatever God has purposed for you to do – He has already supplied you with the full measure of grace you will need to successfully prevail in His purpose for your life!
You cannot fail – as long as you stay humble.
And nobody knew this truth better than the apostle Paul. The last time I passed this way he was at a tavern just up the road; it’s likely that we will be able to talk with him tomorrow, and he will clear this up for us.

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