Hope In The Midst of Fear

Religious young man praying to God on dark background, black and white effect

We are living in uncharted times. It seems that more time is going by that raises more questions and uncertainty than it does answers. We are watching major events being canceled, setting up schools in our homes, and losing jobs. The world is anxiously waiting to see how COVID-19 impacts people’s personal, communities and the world as a whole.

Admitting when you are afraid is helpful. We need to be honest with ourselves and with God about where our heart is. But we don’t have to remain there. As Believers, we are the light of the world. We have a light that will that will guide us in any crisis ( Psalm 119:105). Throughout the Bible God’s people stood firm on the promised of God, and we can continue to find this same tenacity today.

 My hope is that you find peace and guidance and cling to scripture and rest in God’s promises.

“Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path. I have solemnly sworn to keep your righteous judgements. I am severely afflicted; Lord, give me life according to your word. Lord, please accept my freewill offerings of praise, and teach me jour judgments. My life is constantly in danger, yet I do not forget your judgments. My life is constantly in danger, yet I do not forget your instruction. The wicked have set a trap for me, but I have not wandered from your precepts. I have decrees as a heritage forever; indeed, they are the joy of my heart. I am resolved to obey your statues to the every end “

(Psalm 119:105-112)

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