4 Powerful Ways Pastors Can Shepherd through the Coronavirus Pandemic 03/24/2020

I came across a recent post by John Onwuchekwa joking about how his time at seminary had failed to prepare him for a pastoring during a pandemic. I got a good chuckle because I imagine that it might be a course we see in the future after this!

The truth is that most pastors I know are all learning to navigate the unfamiliar waters of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the fly.

Pastoring on any other day, during any season, is not for the weak in spirit. On a good day, being the pastor of a congregation of any size will challenge you, try your faith, and test your patience. At its worst, pastoring will bring you to your knees, causing you to shake your fists toward the sky and ask, as Jesus did, “How long must I endure these people?”

But, in all seriousness, being a pastor is a wonderful privilege and calling.

During difficult and challenging seasons, like we’ve seen with the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s natural for believers to turn to their pastors for guidance, strength, wisdom, and encouragement. It’s not uncommon for the church to take its cues from their pastor.

Pastors, however, are not exempt from the uncertainty and concern that comes with a worldwide crisis—health or otherwise. So what can pastors do during this time?

Here are 4 ways for pastors to shepherd their flocks through a global crisis, like a pandemic:

Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/NicoElNino

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