A Spiritual Awakening


What does it mean to have a “spiritual awakening”? For some, the change is that God is not some distant figure on a mountain or another planet but a presence with, within and among us wherever we are, guiding, leading, encouraging and confronting us to move on toward wholeness and the giving and receiving of love. Christians see this as the God of Jesus Christ working through his Spirit.

Sometimes it’s only in retrospect that people realize a spiritual awakening has taken place. But however it happens, when it does, a new view of what it means to live and relate as an authentic human being begins to form. As significant changes begin to take place, as people develop a healthy self-concept, conquer their fear and learn to participate in vulnerable sharing, they sometimes feel what seems to be a tidal wave of gratitude and happiness. It’s usually this sort of behavioral evidence coming through the senses and emotions that tells people that they are having a spiritual awakening.

This phenomenon usually doesn’t feel religious. It feels real; there is a sense of clarity and authenticity about what one is doing and experiencing. Instead of being mired in the guilt and resentment of the past and our fear of the future, hoping that we can make ourselves look or sound better or that we can make things all right for everyone, we find ourselves facing and appreciating the present realities of our lives and relationships — including our pain — with increasing serenity and effectiveness.

We call this being “transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2). And this transformation, this spiritual awakening, is what enables us to more clearly discern God’s will for our lives.



God, I turn my whole self over to you, along with all my hurts, fears and resentments. Renew my mind, and transform my life.

Taken from NIV Recovery Devotional Bible

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